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Dehavilland Beaver

The Dehavilland Beaver was and is the icon of the North. No other single airplane has so captured the imagination of a nation as the Beaver. Designed in the late 40's this plane so perfectly filled a niche that no other plane has come close to being as popular or versatille as the De Havilland Beaver (DHC2).

This plane can be outfitted with floats, Tundra Tires, or skis, making it a very versatille workhorse. Coupled with the ability to land on a variety of surfaces, the powerful radial engine ensures it can jump up off of short strips and it's solid design allows it to safely work strips and lakes that others would do well to stay away from.

left side of plane
 MODEL DHC-2 Beaver I
 ENGINE 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior radial piston engine, 336kW
    Take-off weight 2313 kg 5099 lb
    Empty weight 1293 kg 2851 lb
    Wingspan 14.63 m 48 ft 0 in
    Length 9.22 m 30 ft 3 in
    Height 2.74 m 9 ft 0 in
    Wing area 23.23 m2 250.05 sq ft
    Max. speed 262 km/h 163 mph
    Cruise speed 230 km/h 143 mph
    Ceiling 5485 m 18000 ft
    Range 1180 km 733 miles
right side of plane

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